April 26, 2010

new menu

OMG ive recently had the staff tasting of the new menu thats being spralled out along the wetherspoon !!! 752!!!! pubs ! ( i emphize the 752 as im shocked there still in business)
any way back to the menu.

haddock fish cakes:

a salty fish pie shaped and covered in breadcrumbs,

this is awfull dont even bother trying it.

spag bog:

youd think you cant really go wrong here could you.
but suprise surprise they have,

asdas 6 4 £4 shite !!! to be fair asdas tastes a little better !

ALL DAY brunch !

wetherspoons copying yates there again !!
this is just poor quality with a pathectic sprinkle of chips on the side of the plate to ake the plate look fulller.

morrocan meatballs with cous cous:

not bad bit rubbery and bland in flavours but full with chilli powder.

wetherspoons proud to present the new and trendy flat breads !!!!

what a load of bollocks. for starters the bread tasted like soda bread and the fillings are alot to be desired.

improved veg burger.
this is exactly the same as yates in size and taste.

ploughmans lunch !

this is pointless on a pub menu and wont sell at all. should have put something worth while on there.

good news for booze though as were constantly trying to beat theve undercut them on everything by 5pence !!! in the hope they would come to wetherspoons instead of yates ! bollocks !! wishfull thinking tim martin !!

oh by the way if you get any for of illness from being in a wtherspoon pub this is beacause the managemment have now made it an sackable offence to take time off work for any reason.
this is now known as absent and will be disiplened and/or fired depends how big your self contained flat is up your managers arse !!!

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